Friday, February 03, 2006

hello world

I started this new blog to document my new life as a ‘mobile’ entrepreneur – mobile, meaning ‘able to work from anywhere,’ if I actually had time to go anywhere.

But for now, my world is a small corner I call ‘The Great Mussolini.’

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The Great Mussolini is complete with the essentials for the business I am in – fast internet, an IP phone, a regular phone, and a comfortable chair. This is where I do everything – call and email clients, pester my business partner, coordinate with our employees, do my own stuff, surf for luxury bags, actually buy luxury bags, etc. Not bad for such a small space, huh? I’m five foot three and 107 pounds. There’s not much of me, anyway, so this should be enough (in the meantime).

Everything around here is pretty much controlled – the lighting, the ‘strategic’ clutter, even the goddamn temperature. This, to me, is how the world should be – totalitarian and almost sterile. My office is Germany, except kinder.

So welcome to this new blog. Expect more third world stories, work-related rant, and good ol’fashioned self love.


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