Thursday, January 13, 2011

buying freedom

Today I decide to be grateful for the biggest asset that web entrepreneurship gives me: time.

Unlike most people, I can:
  • go on impromptu vacations (I never have to "file a leave")
  • stay in bed way past 10am... or 2pm... or all day on a weekday
  • run whenever I feel like it
  • take lingering lunches uninterrupted by the Blackberry
  • do my groceries in the middle of the week (when fruits are on sale)
  • go to lunch and movies at 2pm... on a Monday
I am grateful.

Most people trade their time for money. They get paid to stay in an office at least 8 hours a day. That's 8 hours they could be using to travel, spend time with people they care about, take up classes that make them happy. That's 8 hours they can never get back. I know because I used to be a corporate slave, too. And when I was in "the grind," I didn't even realize how sickeningly disproportionate my work-life stats were.

Thankfully, I don't have to always have to trade time for money. Certain parts of the business make money even when I am not working. MSP and I are putting our energies into making this unit of the company grow. We're halfway there.

Don't get me wrong. It's not easy. Owning a company has its hectic days, and the pressures are even bigger than what most employees have to put up with. Money is unpredictable; dips in the market don't just mean cutting back on latte, but moving heaven and earth to keep afloat. The monetary rewards - when they do come - are not bad, but they're never easy to get. Of the millions that flow in and out of a company yearly, owners only get to save a small fraction, really.

So what the hell is my point?


I guess I have the time to write thesis-less post, when most people don't even have a few seconds to enjoy -- really enjoy -- a cup of coffee.

And for this, I thank the universe.

And I thank MSP, the business-minded, La-Salle bred (lol), technopreneur/geek who bullied me out of corporate slavery and taught me how to make money so I may live, not live to make money.

(We're almost there, punk. Don't walk now. )