Sunday, February 05, 2006

something big

Even though we’re starting from scratch and are just guessing our way (intelligently, hopefully) into the madness that is taxes and bylaws and incorporation bullshit, we are happy. Tired, but happy.

Pop the champagne and say hail to entrepreneurship.

short-term plans

We will need to recruit more people in the coming weeks. It’s a lot harder than you think – self-disciplined people who can work with very minimal supervision are as rare as Jay Leno jokes that are actually funny.

We need better employees. You see, when our people screw up, we have to vacuum out the mess – and we would really like to do less ‘cleaning’ and more ‘managing’ in the future.

We also need a new office – something more, errrm, official. But our cash flow is just beginning to stabilize and I do not think we should spend on anything unnecessary at the moment. The office can wait.


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