Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CBTL Coffee Maker VS. Old School Coffee Press

I am opposed to almost everything except (a) old world wine and (b) good furniture. I detest things that pretend to be anything more than the useless garbage they really are.

Case in point - this lazy and moronic CBTL single serve beverage system.

This contraption does to coffee what boxes do to wine. It cheapens the experience and removes everything that is romantic about preparing and enjoying a cup.

That said, it is a brilliant addition to the millions of products that feed endless cycle of consumerism. To keep using it, you need to keep buying  the 'beverage capsule' at P40 a pop. It won't work with any other.

Who buys this shit?

More importantly, whatever happened to simply having a good old cup of unpretentious Batangas coffee?

The Philippines has some of the best - if not the best - robustas in the world. We are so lucky to have easy and cheap access to these beans. Sadly, many Filipinos don't know that and would rather drink watered down Italian coffee.

Me, I love my Barako and my simple hand-powered Kenya coffee press. It requires no electricity, and you can make everything with it, including espresso and latte.

This straightforward gadget is an integral part of the morning routine that keeps me sane. I boil water, pour it over the beans, wait four minutes, and enjoy my cup while reading the news online.

This slow and deliberate process is not something I am ready to give up, especially not for an awful looking 'beverage capsule' system that looks like a prop from a bad sci-fi movie.

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