Thursday, February 09, 2006

doing math

Today we went to see our accountant, an old lady who speaks in riddles. Going to see her is like going to see a dentist – it’s scary but we have to.

We also worked for a short while in a café, and then I had to run off and meet a very dear friend who is leaving for New York in a few days. I helped her go shopping for winter socks, and I got myself a few pairs of jogging pants to use when I’m working in my home office. We went to this outlet shopping yard and I ended up buying a whole ‘home office’ wardrobe for only $30. Yes, I carry $1,000 bags but I wear $3 shirts. It’s the way of the pretend-Marxist.

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MSP working in a café / Extreme programming in his very messy office. The monitor is actually pretty huge in person -- 25 inches or so. And the table is huge, too.


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