Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's 1995 all over again

Time warp – That’s what this has been. In the last two weeks, I've seen people from my past life – that brief period when I was between 15 to 20 years old, which now seems like light-years ago. That time of my life seemed everything then, but now it seems inconsequential. (I’m sure I’m wrong but it does seem that way).

Whether it’s in deliberate dinner dates, coincidental occasions/celebrations, in ill-positioned mall escalators, through a window of a cafe, during traffic along EDSA – I see them, those characters who knew me in times of yore. Dear old friends I haven’t seen in decades, people who hate me, people who love me, and some other minor characters. They were all packed into a few weeks, as if in a special episode of the lampoon that is my life. As if I accidentally hit rewind to a Green Day song and the tape got stuck for a few surreal moments.

Maybe I just stopped caring, or perhaps it’s just maturity. There’s no awkwardness anymore. No special effort to make an impression. Best of all, there’s no judging. I saw them for what they are now and just ... appreciated them as people, like I do vintage Valentino gowns that I will never wear but would be glad to see on others.

The brand new conversations with these dinosaurs from my past life were among the best I’ve had. Some were hours and hours of profound tête-à-têtes. Some were long enumerations of what happened since. Some were brief but sincere hi-hellos. All of them I will remember. I think.

Now, who might I see next?



Blogger Erica is Rich said...

Reunion? :)

6:11 PM  
OpenID collapsingbarrycade said...

You will see us (old farts) next. Maybe in two weeks time. :D

9:54 PM  
Blogger ennui said...

yeah let's meet and then we can talk about 1997-2001 Ü

12:41 PM  
Blogger mussolini said...

ekay> no formal reunion in the old alma mater. just a weird series of occasions and events that felt like one nice, long reunion :)

barry> okay, just text me when.

ennui> game! let's talk about college over KFC (which we ate almost every frigging day).

3:14 PM  
Blogger ennui said...

actually, you guys ate at KFC. i ate at Cindy's. hahaha

3:33 PM  

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