Saturday, March 25, 2006

almost there

The HVAC and electrical technicians worked the whole day yesterday. The phone lines should be in today, and the internet connection by early next week. Oh, and our signage, too. We also need a new server.

Oh, and in a dream I realized that I need new sneakers. I've never had sneakers, actually. But watching ELLEN makes me think I should wear one. I'm such a tomboy.

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Anyway, I have to work now. I will update with pics of the office later. I'm trying to beat a deadline for a client from West Virginia.


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Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

my eldest daughter, 23, had a go at me recently for wearing converse sneakers. "Hey Old Fella," she said, "Trying to look young and cool are we?".
prickly as ever i replied "No honey, just wearing the kinda thing that my genearation had worn for the past forty years!!.

sneakers are cool. wear 'em with pride!!

4:11 PM  
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