Tuesday, March 14, 2006

sheer curiosity

i am buying this just because i really liked the movie BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and i cannot wait to see how this goes.

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FROM FILM ANNEX: Actor/Designer John Malkovich summons a tv producer to Milan to document and participate in his unconventional fashion show. Rather then using regular models, Mr. Malkovich plans to have 20 Judo fighters beat each other up while wearing his designs. They will do this on a stage, in front of a live audience, with Mr. Malkovich directing all the action. He will also direct the 3 camera's of the Fashion Television crew as they film the event. The Hollywood star has 3 days to pull this unusual spectacle together. The tv crew follows Mr. Malkovich as he oversees fittings, tries to choreograph a group of Italian fighters, and drives to the factory where his clothesare manufactured. Along the way, we learn of his mother's agorophobia; that his children think he's a loser, and the voracious eating habits of his wife. This one hour 'documentary' also features Mr. Malkovich's thoughts on life as a celebrity; examples of his superior driving skills, and the ongoing mystery of the 'lost pants'. Told from the point of view of the bewildered Producer (Howard Brull/Fashion Television), we are never quite sure if this entire production is actually going to work, or end as an embarrassing failure. This is as close to Being WITH John Malkovich as most people will ever get. This is a Fashion Television/Mrs. Mudd production. (Mrs. Mudd is the name of John Malkovich's fashion company).

It's worth $10. That's like two big cups of green tea from CBTL. Fair enough.

I'll try and react later.


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