Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have spent the last five days sitting in front of this…

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…doing everything I could to pull everything off. This has really got to stop – this two-man company just isn’t working like a Ferrari. We really do need to expand. It’s scary, sure, and I sometimes spend sleepless nights thinking about whether we can really build THIS EMPIRE. I almost give up everyday, but then I look at my bags. If I could horde labels, there is nothing I could not do.

(I’m not serious).

Hello, sun.

I will be going out this afternoon with (who else but) MSP. We haven’t seen each other for, well, five days. And no, much as we would like this to be a ‘date date,’ we are going out to work. Bank, office, landlord, bank, look at computers, eat. In that order.

The carpets have been installed and we expect the cubicles to come in tomorrow. The computers and all the networking shit have to be running by next week. We still don’t have seats because we are such losers. Oh, and the fucking HVAC people haven’t given us the quote *sweats thinking about cash flow*

Third world stupidity does make everything sloooooow.

Pulling a Martha (Stewart)

I (as opposed to ‘we’) have decide to go with an unusual office color scheme – earth. Light earth tones/browns will fill the little spot that is the start of THE EMPIRE, because I am weird and I hate gray/blue/green cubicles. I think browns are much more relaxing. That color palette cost us thousands more, but hey, my taste cannot be compromised for *puke* function.

I shall post pictures of how THE EMPIRE is coming together as soon as I can.


Anonymous jey said...

at least your phone is pink. i love pink!=)

3:00 PM  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

so that is where all the magic comes from!
my youngest daughter would just kill to have that phone in her room.

12:34 AM  

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