Monday, March 31, 2008

the short break

At this build-up stage of my life where not working means losing money (literally), there is simply no time for a ‘real’ vacation. All we ever get are mini breaks that last three to four hours – just enough for any one of these activities (never a combination):

(a) eating at a nice restaurant (two hours in traffic, one hour in the restaurant)

(b) shopping for good shoes (two hours in traffic, one hour in the shoe shop)

(c) watching a movie (two hours in traffic, two hours watching the movie)

These mini breaks are never the main dish – they’re simply intermissions in a workday. We always have to be in the office at some point – either early in the morning (before our mini break) to make sure everything is in order, or late at night (after our mini-break) to talk to clients who are in a different time zone.

Well, we had to do something. We were burning out.

So I devised a short-and-snappy-but-nonetheless-enjoyable break. Here's an account of how it went.

* * * *

We left Quezon City at 12 noon to drive to a little-known restaurant at Makati called Seryna. We’re sushi and sashimi buffs, and we’re willing to drive for hours to taste authentic Japanese food.

The break started in the car, so we made it a point to not talk about work and instead converse about non-specific things inconsequential to the business. The typical dialogues went like this:

MSP: Maybe Japan has built a Macross.

Me: But why would they build a giant space ship that turns into a robot when they could just build little creepy robots that attack the enemy’s bloodstream? Can you imagine a billion little robots that can swim, fly, and develop artificial intelligence? They’re easier to launch, harder to detect, much harder to destroy. Big robots are out. The true revolution is in nanotechnology.

MSP: (looks at me) Dork.

Me: (looks back at MSP) You’re dorkier.

* * * *

Me: I’m gonna put some of my savings to bonds for now, and then transfer my bonds to equities come June.

MSP: What makes you think the stock market is going to recover by then?

Me: Because the Republicans will begin to window-dress their administration so people would consider reelecting their party. How about you? What’s your next investment move?

MSP: I might buy a collectible Macross die cast model from the 1980’s. It’s hardly ever available. If find a collector who is wiling to let one go, I need to pay at least PhPxxx,xxx – that’s a bargain.

Me: (really slowly) How riveting.

* * * *

MSP: Look!! It’s a G-Class!! (Referring to the intimidating tank-vehicle that is Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse, our dream car. It should be illegal.)

Me: (panics) Oh my god!! I can smell it from here. (Frantically gets MSP’s phone to take a picture) It’s too far! I’m never gonna get a good shot!!

MSP: Just take the picture!

Me: (clicks)

MSP: Did you get it?

Me: Yes! Oh it’s so beautiful.

MSP: It looks like a Macross.

Me: (after a moment of silence) This is why you're dorkiest.

MSP: Macross is the best.

* * * *

* * * *

We finally made it.

When we got to Seryna, we were too hungry for words. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Puri-Puri appetizer:

The Kaisen set - all this for one person at only P280:

Another set (I forget what's it's called) this time for P480++:

* * * *

By 2:30 pm, we were on the road again. The drive to Ocean Park was long and tiring (hello Manila traffic). It was peppered by conversations about Macross and French cuisine (how we connected the two, I have no idea).

When we finally got there, we quickly discovered that tweeners on a field-trip from an exclusive school in Manila were going to the tunnels with us. Egh. Bratty-whiny 12-year olds and I don't mix. I wish I could shove their iPods down their throats. Eat that, you good-for-nothing shrill-voiced Kamiseta-wearing excuse for a young woman. You'll grow up to be a needy whore in really bad shoes.

Anyway, the Manila Ocean Park was underwhelming.

It was rather small -- I expected a better version of the HK thing. Disappointing, really. Save for a few interesting
cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates, it didn't offer much.

Just an hour later, we left for Ortigas. The ride to the center of Manila was faster than I thought it would be. Or maybe I just got so bored at the Ocean Park that talking about Macross yet again seemed much more... (say it with me)...riveting.

Macross is a long-running series of science fiction anime, created by Shoji Kawamori of Studio Nue in 1982. The franchise features a fictional Earth History after the year 1999. The franchise title features three TV series, three movies, four OVAs, and 2 manga series. The Macross II OVA carries the Macross title; however, it was not produced by Studio Nue. Within the series, the term Macross is used to denote the main capital ship. This theme began with the first Macross, the SDF-1 Macross.....

And that was how the short break went.


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i am slighted because you didn't write about what happened to you in Ortigas, which i think was the best way to cap your day.

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