Saturday, May 02, 2009

europe here we come / how to get schengen visa for filipinos

Traveling to other countries is especially difficult for us Pinoys not only because our currency is zilch against the Euro and the USD, but more so because it's hard to get visas. If you still hold a Philippine passport, then you must know how paralyzing those visa denial stories are.

That's why MSP and I consider ourselves very, very blessed to have been granted Schengen visas without any special help. We just followed the SOP, showed up when we were asked to come to the embassy, and now we have the "permission" to see these really soon:

Madrid, Spain (Source)

Avila, Spain (Source)

Barcelona, Spain (Source)

Nice, France

Paris, France (Source)

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How to get that elusive Schengen visa

When I started my search online for comprehensive information on how to get Schengen visas about a month ago, I was disappointed to see that there was no honest to goodness detailed page that existed. There's the usual list of embassy requirements, sure, but forums are bloggers were all vague when it comes to questions that matter, like

"What did the consul ask you?"

"How much 'show money' is needed?"

"What is the dress code for the interview?"
and other such seemingly mundane but important details.

So here, I attempt to give concrete, frank answers.


* * * *

I know that to some people, a Euro trip is just another vacation. But to us, it's a really big deal. It marks a momentous period in our lives - a period when we can finally travel semi-freely, with some pocket money and one handcarry each :) And we are MAKING IT HAPPEN, just us.

This is A MOMENT. Like that fancy dinner we treated ourselves to when we finally got the company up and running. Like when I bought my first designer bag with my first bonus. Like when MSP got an entry-level high-end watch when our company made serious money. Like when we went to church one night thanking God for the first major deal we landed. We were holding hands.

After seeing much of Asia, it's about time we see Europe. So we stopped dreaming and finally got going, like we always do.

We're a good team, MSP and I :)



Blogger acey said...

whoo-hoo! sounds exciting!!! hope you enjoy your trip! :D

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is it. this is really really really it. :D

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