Wednesday, May 14, 2008

root of all evil

I know that with so many financial gurus out there, they are all starting to look funny. These nitwits all say the same thing, and we've heard it all before. But sometimes, hearing it over and over (and over and over) is exactly what we need. Here's an interesting interview with Farnoosh Torabi, author of You're So Money.

I like her. She does not say anything new -- she just reinforces ideas we already
know but need to read in order to realize.

* * * *
In other news, my friend finds herself in money trouble. The problem can be fixed, but it is a
real problem. Stories like this make me pee in my pants. I feel like she should have told me about the situation earlier on. Perhaps I could have helped her better.

I blame Pinoy culture for this.
Money is a taboo subject when it shouldn't be. Even among good friends, money is a "sensitive" topic. Sure, we can talk about the clitoris, but not about money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

because we live in a society that still values superficiality: status, looks, status, looks.

and in this country, the amount of money you have and don't have is still taken as an indication of your worth, your value, your importance.

5:06 PM  
Blogger mussolini said...

i judge people based on how WELL they do what they WANT to do in their lives, whether profitable or not.

12:13 PM  

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