Saturday, September 26, 2009

no right to complain

It has been flooding in Metro Manila. Some houses have been completely submerged. This time it's not just in the poorer areas. Even the fancier houses in the chi-chi parts are mostly knee-deep in floodwater - Valle Verde, high-end condominiums in Makati and The Fort, etc. Katipunan and the Xavierville areas, which rarely get flooded, are soaked. Watch video here.

Kakatakot. Disaster doesn't discriminate.


Ayala Ave., Makati

Katipunan (Rustan's area)


MSP is here. His garage is also flooded. His family is safe, as they have three floors plus an attic. Still.

His decision to stay over was spot on; had he gone home, his car would be swimming right now.

Thank God it's nice and dry here in the bunker.* No flood outside - not even an inch.

*Us having a "hell or high water" pied-a-terre in this area was never "plan A." But this half-hearted investment is now proving to be a good decision. This area somehow seems less prone to the inconveniences - it never floods, there's rarely heavy traffic, it's far enough from coup de etats and rallies, etc. It's a good bunker indeed :)


Before watching the depressing news, I entertained myself and watched Vogue's THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE.

(Anna Wintour was fabulous, but I liked Grace Coddington more. Such genius.)


The rain has subsided, thank God. MSP is watching HBO. Dinner was nice.

But there's more depressing news. People are dying. Hundreds need to be evacuated.


I can't believe our luck - that we are here, safe and dry and enjoying the conveniences.

Maybe it's foreplanning, or maybe it's good fortune.

Either way,
I've never been so grateful to be here.

I'm just so thankful. SO THANKFUL. But at the same time, I feel a bit guilty. Here we are - OBLIVIOUS - enjoying cable TV, internet access, a chocolate cake, and a nice warm bed while most of Metro Manila is submerged in flood waters. I feel like we should be more proactive, but how?



I just found out that it's very easy to help our through the RED CROSS.

There are several options:

1. VIA SMS text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)
2. VIA BANK DEPOSIT - details here



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thank god, you're safe!!!

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Awesome post.I love stuff like this.


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