Monday, December 21, 2009

do you know where your cashmere is?

With temperatures in Manila going as low as 22 °C at night (almost like Spring in Paris), it's time to turn the air conditioner off.

I love how cold it is. Just last night while walking around Greenbelt 5 after eating at Mr. Jones, I felt the Christmas chill for the first time. I wished I had brought my Stefanel cashmere long cardigan. But alas, it was tucked away in the Hello Lulu travel clothes case my bestfriend gave me last Christmas, together with a more precious Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater I rewarded myself with last year PLUS all the other woolen clothes I only use abroad. Maybe it's time to bring them out.

Anyway, Mr. Jones Greenbelt 5 was a bit disappointing. MSP ordered the Wagyu ribs - they managed to overcook it so much that it didn't taste like Wagyu anymore.

When I am disappointed by food, I find myself going back to a happier time when food was just delicious. Somehow, the disappointing Wagyu led me to think of Le Coude Fou, one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of Paris. However, I would come back if only for
Le Coude Fou (There's a video here).

Located in the less pretentious Marais area along rue du Bourg-Tibourg (Paris Métro Hôtel de Ville), this resto serves authentic Parisian food in a laid-back setting devoid of the usual snobbish staff.

One of the waitresses looked a lot like me (she noticed it, too) and the owner/chef was a nice guy. I didn't realize you needed reservations to even get in (as the place gets packed by locals), but luckily, my lookalike waitress was able to sit MSP and me beside a noisy Italian family.

We devoured the (a)
foie gras de canard maison et son chutney de poires, (b) tartare de filets de canard mi cuits, and (c) entrecote sauce bordelaise liee au foie gras cru.* Prices were not astronomical - we had three dishes and two glasses of wine for under 50 euros.

*I don't speak decent French, but somehow, I can order from/remember entries on French menus. It's a gift from God.


Blogger ace said...

i like nice non-pretentious places. for some reason, they're where i'm happiest. lorrr.

you make me dream of paris and foie gras! haha.

i'm green with envy.

haha. someday!!!

4:30 PM  
Anonymous anonant said...

I had cashmere socks once but they were stolen.

2:00 PM  
Blogger The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I'm dropping by to say Merry Christmas to you and your family!

7:22 PM  
Blogger mussolini said...

acey > i'm sure you'll see paris soon. but beware - it's not as nice as they make it seem!

anonant> i can understand why someone would steal cashmere socks.

nomadic > merry christmas to you and your family, too :)

3:53 PM  

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