Monday, June 13, 2011

things to wear forever

Going minimalist requires a lot of confidence because yo can no longer use material things to make you feel good.

That said, fine things are still necessary. Reconciling simplicity with luxury is essential to living well.

For example, I am very particular with my choice of fabrics, even though my closet is the size of a small box.

My minimalist wardrobe says CASHMERE and SILK.

Two little black dresses.

Here are some of my cashmere sweaters. Warm enough for fall, cool enough for spring and air conditioned rooms.

Two basic coats - a dressy red city coat, and an outdoorsy black winter coat.

I've had most of these clothes for years, and I'm quite confident they will outlast trends.

They just HAPPEN to have labels like Prada, Chanel, and Valentino, because sadly, good quality clothing often means designer (though not all the time). I didn't pay retail for any of them. Some I got for even less than the price of a substandard trench coat.

I realize they look like boring staples, but to me, they're easy style. They don't need ironing and they fit in my little travel bag.

Now, if i can only stay this size until I'm old, I may never need to buy clothes again.