Saturday, September 30, 2006

play-doh time

Monday, September 25, 2006

playing harder

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The past week has been nothing short of hell for me – MSP got hospitalized so I had to run the company all by myself. I don’t even think I slept – I had to make sales calls one minute, call a staff meeting the next, email clients, etc. Even at home, I worked. In the bathroom, I worked. On the breakfast table, I worked.

I’m going CRAZY.

So today I WILL NOT WORK. It’s a Monday and I WILL NOT WORK. Well, I have to interview an applicant at 3pm and do a call conference later tonight, but other than that, I WILL NOT WORK. I am determined to make this day as unproductive as ever.

My plan today is to play hard. I will be driving around in my toy, eating in my favorite restaurant, buying DVDs, and doing what else catches my fancy. I will live as much life as I can in 8 hours.

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