Friday, July 25, 2008


I was 'tagged' (whatever that means) and now I have to ask ONE person THREE questions that would help people who don't know me understand the real me. I asked MSP, of course, because he's closest to me by default. He is my boyfriend of 7 years, and we built this company together. These were his answers:

1. What are some of the things only you know about Mussolini?

- She farts a lot.
- She is a natural marksman. She's good with knives, darts, bows, guns, and other projectile weapons.
- She likes staring at her ceiling.
- She picks her nose using her shirt.
- She can eat a gallon of gelatin.
- She is very clumsy.
- She has never lost a drag race.
- She needs coffee to be human.

2. What is Mussolini's favorite thing in the world?

- Her
Barbie-printed blanket.

3. If Mussolini was given a one-way ticket to any place, where would she go?

- To London.


Acey, I hope I got the instructions right. Now, I get to 'tag' others, correct? So I 'tag' Ennui, Bismuth, and Barry. Answer, you kualas. This whole tagging thing is quite fun in a juvenile, self-absorbed sort of way.



I got these Pucci Rosone ballet flats at 60% off, thanks to the Suria KLCC Wide Sale. Loot from top high-end brands were all discounted (except Chanel and Hermes, of course). It was truly a surprise. Who knew KL would be a shopping haven?

People who know me know that I cannot walk in heels, so I only buy flats. Make that 'invest in flats.' God knows how many times I have dipped into my investment fund just to get comfortable shoes.

Flats are more than just necessities for me -- they are also badges of my freedom. As Bismuth and I were walking around KLCC trying to find sensible shoes she could use for work, she pointed out how I have the privilege to walk around in flats while she does not. The company where she works frowns on employees who don't 'dress corporate.' But because I own my company, I get to wear whatever I want. I even wear sneakers to work, ala Ellen de Generes. I wear comfy shoes, therefore the world is mine.

I don't know what I'm blabbing about. Boredom is kicking in again, and not even my Pucci Rosone can amuse me. I need to travel once more. So friends, will it be Beijing come December?


Anonymous acey said...

thanks for answering the tag, mussolini! :) it's a freestyle thing, tag stuff.

your list is very unique and entertaining. lol. made me laugh.

ps: i hear they have BIG designer sales in kl twice a year!

7:53 PM  
Blogger paningit said...

me too.. i can not walk in heels... what am i saying?

11:48 AM  

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