Friday, April 02, 2010

close to home

The next time I find myself in Europe, I'm definitely staying in the Citizen M Hotel. It's efficient, it's no-fuss, it's chic - kind of like me. LOL.

Staying there shouldn't be a stretch because I already live in a similar box /pod (click to read related post).

Pictured above the pad where I crash. Hawig na rin.

Maybe I should also wire it with the Phillips Touchscreen Mood Pad that they use in all the rooms in Citizen M. It allows you to choose among four moods - business, romance, party, and relaxation. Just press a button and the LED lights change color, thereby changing the whole ambiance. Cool! I want it. I don't think the technology is available commercially, though.

Do you think I can DIY a mood pad? MSP probably has ideas, being the geek that he is. Or I can just buy lamps with different LED bulbs.

Oo nga no?


The room rates at Citizen M are also very affordable because you don't pay for a fancy doorman, a concierge, a waiter, or a receptionist. You check yourself in, you sleep, and then you go on your merry way. Fantastic.

Touchscreen do-it-yourself check-in/out.

Self-serve canteen. Choose what meal you want (most are healthy - sushi, etc), then slide your credit card / some Euros into the slot, and voila - your famine ends.

Get your own brewed coffee! (Unlimited)

Rates at the Citizen M hotel in Amsterdam start at just 79 Euros per night for the basic rooms. That's 30 Euros cheaper than the so-so hotel we used in Paris (which should be comparable to Amsterdam in terms of price). Thirty euros is a lot.


Here's the whole Citizen M concept:

And here's a great video review:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why stay in citizen M when you live that lifestyle na everyday? no need to go to amsterdam. your pad is nicer! out of place sa third world hehe :) -- AQ

3:02 PM  
OpenID collapsingbarrycade said...

looks like it's a hotel that calm the senses. i'd prolly sleep two days straight. hahaha.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have stayed there and it's quite nice kasi bago pa. kelan ka punta amsterdam? dapat sinabay mo na sa paris via gare du nord. ilang oras lang. >>> M.R.

5:53 PM  
Blogger mussolini said...

AQ - yeah. i consider myself lucky to live in a cool space. see you soon :) i shall bring wine.

barry - i believe you. you CAN sleep for two says straight.

MR - dunno yet. if i go back, i would like to skip paris altogether. ayoko dun eh. kaso dadaanan yata talaga.

5:57 PM  

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