Thursday, May 27, 2010

being a little bit british

Here is an explanation of why I look strange.

My grandfather (my mum's dad) is half-British, which makes my mum 1/4 British, which makes me 1/8 British. Actually, my grandfather is only British by nationality; his real ethnicity is a mix of British-Spanish-French, which is not a very good idea.

Anyway, genes skip and weird things happen as we age, which is why I look more European now than I did when I was younger. That's just life. Hello, freckles.

Foreigners - clients, people I meet during trips abroad, etc. - never think I'm Filipino. I always get questions/comments like:

Are you half German?

What are you a mix of?

You don't look Filipino at all!

(I am Filipino, okay? Why the hell would I lie?)

With foreigners, I understand. They probably have a stereotype of what a Pinay looks like, and I obviously don't fit the mold.

But what's really offensive is when fellow Filipinos who don't know me describe me as being some kind of an alien.

Stop it.

When you call me that "girl na parang iba ang lahi..." or "yung parang half-breed na ewan..." or "baka anak sa Amerikano..." it really hurts my feelings.

Do I call you people indios?

Well yes, but not out loud. (I'm half-joking).

So stop calling me names, you racists.

NO COMMENTS ALLOWED, or you might hurt my feelings again.