Sunday, June 06, 2010

run like a girl (part 2)

Today on an impromptu run to support the World Food Program, I finished 5 kilometers 4 minutes faster than I previously did in the same running venue (The Fort).

I'm still not quite as fast as I want to be. My stamina is still lower than I wish it was. However, I know that my speed is
not bad for a lazy recreational runner.

(A recreational runner is usually in the 10-minute mile / 6-minute kilometer ballpark.)

Thank you Drowning Bismuth for the free tickets :)

To friends who keep asking me about Chi Running, its' really simple. Watch this video:

* * * *

My problem now is this: I can't seem to combine yoga and running.

When I do yoga, my body strains its core muscles, making it much harder to run fast. I'm probably doing something wrong.

* * * *

Part 1 is here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for this video. masubukan nga. - J

8:56 PM  

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